Teamotion is a tea machine that uses common teabags instead of environmentally unfriendly and expensive tea capsules. High quality tea at the touch of a button with the appropriate water temperature and brewing time.


Teamotion ist the first tea machine that differentiates itself from the coffee machine and creates an own identity. The market has shown that tea can't be combined successfully with a capsule system. Teamotion is the only tea machine, that manages to use the efficient aspects of a machine and combine it at the same time with the proven teabag. 


We started with sketches on paper and proportion models of foam to find the perfect shape and size. Our aim was to give the tea machine a new identity and to make it distinguishable from coffee machines. We found the optimum in a mixture of symmetry and dynamics, which doesn't destroy the fineness of the tea and makes a formal connection to a jug. The shape of Teamotion conveys the emotion of tea. Harmony, vitality and naturalness.


To make a tea the teabag gets thrown into the funnel and the type of tea gets selected via the interface. The water flows from the tank through a water heater via a valve into the funnel. There the teabag and the hot water get in contact. After the tea has brewed it gets pumped trough the spout into the cup. Afterwards the tight bottom of the funnel opens itself and the teabag falls into the container, which can be removed and cleaned. Ventilation holes prevent the teabags from mould.


Mateus Böhringer, Emanuel Hurni

In cooperation with:


40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

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